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Economical background
New techniques in farming result in the resurgence of traditional bacteriological infectious desease in animal flocks. This is also due to the introduction of organic farming techniques and the reduction of antibiotics and nutritional supplements use. The answer to this challenge is the application of specific vaccines which are developed on demand. The specificity is archived by a fast diagnosis of pathogens isolated directly from the afflicted animals in the flock and the development of specific vaccines based on the pathogen present. The RIPAC - Laboratory is leading with this economic and ecological approach and delivers top quality service on demand. This policy allows us not only to serve all the specific needs of our national and international clients, it is also the basis of our research which allows us to permanently widen our pathogen diagnostics spectra by application of modern molecular techniques.

Our philosophy
Diagnostics and the therapy strategy are accompanied from start on in close collaboration with our partner veterinarians. We are using newest scientific knowledge and technology for the development of our vaccines to ensure a long term positive effect in animal health which results in higher performance, lower half mortality rate and finally in better and cheaper animal products of our clients. Following this goal, our main target is the satisfaction of our clients and their veterinarians. Our approach, which connects scientific and economical thinking results in very high quality at competitive prices. The personal and intense contact to our clients is especially important for us as it not only serves a permanent quality control and the development of long term client-veterinarian-Ripac laboratory relationship. This is also the basis of our success in research and development of new methods in diagnosis and therapy.

With frequent follow up questionairs and specific designed treatment-accompanying -check ups we ensure our high standard of quality and the satisfaction of our clients.

New diagnostic tests are permanently developed and introduced from us, so please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation regarding your specific needs. As we are a company in which research and production is closely connected we are able to react very flexible to new and specific pathogens.