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RIPAC-LABOR – experience and dedication

RIPAC-LABOR is a pioneer in its field: in 2002, we started manufacturing autogenous vaccines. Since 2005, we have been one of the first private veterinary laboratories in Germany to diagnose pathogens using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. To ensure the continuous improvement of our products and services, we work on our research projects with international experts.

In the last few years, we have trained our eye, refined our processes and created a comprehensive strain bank. With every newly identified bacterial pathogen, our MALDI-TOF database grows and provides faster results for the diagnosis of infections. After all, a lot of us are passionate researchers: we come across new questions all the time, and search for solutions. One the one hand, because we are fascinated by it. And, on the other hand, to ensure that we can provide fast help if it is needed.

Get to know our team

Frau Köhler-Repp


Dr. Alexander Repp


Dr. Bernd Köhler


Dr. Traute Janßen


Dr. Martin Metzner

Laboratory Management

Dr. Marcel Erhard


Dr. Ines Streit


A solid foundation

With veterinary medicine and microbiology, the company founder is following a family tradition. Her father dedicated his life to bacteriological research and is still passionate about passing on his knowledge to the team. RIPAC-LABOR is aware that not just clever ideas but the personal dedication of all involved is responsible for its success. The laboratory team is intentionally diverse because bacteria's fascinating ability to adapt can only be tackled with interdisciplinary expertise.

RIPAC-LABOR – dates and facts

  • RI-PA-C: riemerella, pasteurella, clostridia and coli bacteria
  • A diverse team including MTA, PTA, VTA, TMFA, biochemists, agrarian engineers, biologists, veterinarians
  • An expanding company with around 30 employees
  • Over 35,000 bacteria isolates in the strain bank
  • 2005: Introduction of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for veterinary diagnostics
  • 2007: Company settles at Potsdam's Golm Science Park
  • 2013: RIPAC Symposium to mark the company's 10th anniversary
  • 2014: Female Entrepreneur of the Year, state of Brandenburg
  • 2015: Founding of the Polish branch office RB VAC
  • 2017: DOPHARMA International B. V. becomes a co-shareholder

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