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The effectiveness of our autogenous vaccinations is dependent on the precise identification of the pathogens. Additional factors also come into play: Which adjuvant is recommended? When is the ideal time to vaccinate? What type of sample is needed for optimal pathogen identification?

Experience has shown that details like this are best clarified over the phone. So don't hesitate to give us a call – especially when ordering a tailor-made vaccine for the first time.


If time is running but you are too busy, we'll be happy to collect your diagnostic samples. Just call us. Within Germany, our tried-and-tested courier service can be with you within two to six hours after ordering. Within Europe, it takes a maximum of 24 hours. Worldwide collection is also possible by arrangement. Our downloads.

Our Downloads

Here you have the possibility to download some useful forms.

  • Veterinary Medicine AnalysisRequest form for veterinary samples examination
  • Feed AnalysisRequest form for feed examination (German)
  • Foodstuff AnalysisRequest form for food microbiology examination (German)
  • Biogas PlantRequest form for substrate and fermentation residues examination (German)
  • MALDI-TOF MS AnalysisRequest form for identifying micro-organisms using MALDI-TOF MS (German)
  • Order formOrder form for autogenous vaccines from RIPAC-LABOR
  • Overview of agglutinative serums
  • Instructional leaflet for agglutinative serums

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